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"Need a Banner?" Information


Over 100 charities in Tulsa 
and the surrounding communities 
have benefited in the past 9 years.


"Our goal is to provide banner,
yard signs and posters
to identify charities
when promoting to the public
or working directly with
people needing your service.
It is not our goal to decorate
the interior of your office space."

For an up to date request form: 

email and ask for the request form or click link below:  

"Need a Banner?" Request Form

Tulsa is getting stricter on temporary display sure to read: 

City of Tulsa Temporary Sign Permits

Can your charity get free banners?
To be eligible, an organization must be a 501(c)3 public charity, listed in IRS Publication 78, and headquartered and operating in the Tulsa area. 

If any of the following apply, charity is NOT eligible:
"Startup." "National" or "International." An individual or a business. Governmental entity or support foundation for a governmental entity. Quasi-government. (e.g., Indian Tribe, municipal authority). Foundation or other endowment. Fund-raising entity which redistributes to other charities. Primarily engaged in research and/or raising funds to cure or remediate disease. Primarily "evangelical" and/or a ministry of one or a few individuals. Human therapy using animals, stables, farms, or "boot camps." 

What can we provide?
We do custom work for each charity.
Standard size for banners are 2x4, 3x6 and 4x8 but can be custom ordered. Banners are white but colors can be ordered. Charities can choose from eight basic colors for lettering and logos. (Charities logo needs to be on the banner ~ no business logos)
Yard signs are white, 18x24 inches and comes with a metal stake.
Posters are printed on a wide format printer using rolls of 44" wide white photo paper. Posters can be spot color for a few lines of text or full color for photographs. Poster sizes are custom. We print one to three posters only ~ we are not a print shop.

Is there a limit on how much a charity can request?

Yes. We review each request and determine if it fits within our program goals. If not, your request will be limited or declined.

How does the charity receive and install the banners? 
Charities are responsible for picking up finished banners, yard signs and/or posters at the Harmon Foundation Tulsa office at 2901 South Harvard.  Map 
Charities are also responsible for hanging/installing banners, yard signs and/or posters at their own expense, and for complying with applicable building and sign regulatory ordinances and statutes whether city, state or federal. City of Tulsa Information

What is the application process?
Open a new email to Put your charities name as the subject. Return to this page and click on the link for the request form (first orange link in first column) and scroll over it and copy. Return to your email and paste the request form. Now you can fill it  the blanks. Delete sections of the form that you are not requesting.
After filling out the form, attach art/logo files and send it. If you have questions call CJ at 918-743-6191.

*Please review the types of files that are accepted for art and logos. This information is at the bottom of the request form.